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PA DE Licensed Realtor

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About Kurt Esser

"There's no place else on earth quite like Chester County, Pennsylvania and owning property here is one of the great privileges of life. Kurt Esser loves this area, and once he
shows you around you will love it too and want to plant roots of your own.
When to buy? Where to buy? What areas should you avoid? How can you really make sure you're getting a good deal? These are the questions Kurt can help you answer. Give him a call and get
started today! The Best Service, The Best Results! Kurt loves the real estate business and has been involved in Real Estate since graduating from Penn State in 1995.
He has the experience and local know-how to help you make the best possible decisions. He also has specialized training in real estate negotiation so having him on your side means you're
working with a real professional.
He will work extra hard to make sure your real estate
transaction is a complete success! What makes Chester County, Pennsylvania so unique?
Chester County is home to Longwood Gardens, Brandywine Battlefield & River Museum, and phenomenal school districts. It's also just about 35 minutes to downtown Philadelphia. Did you know? Markets are always driven by supply and demand. Since Chester County is so desirable and surrounded by rolling hills, and preserved land, the future development is very, very, limited and the county has nearly reached its build-out point.
That means supply is very limited now and in the long term. Our ease of access and proximity to Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and Wilmington, Delaware assures that demand stays steady. This means that Chester County, Pennsylvania is a great place to
make your real estate investment."

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